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Eggeteria, the roots being Egg + Cafeteria is a unique and fresh notion started by Suave, Beautiful and Opportunist Savita Manore in Pune.

Being an Air-hostess, Savita always carried food which was light in weight and at same time nutritional with deliciousness as a bonus. As her profession involved traveling, she thought of people facing the same issue daily and thereby thought of starting something which will help people like her.

She had a knack for being an entrepreneur, starting something on her own and thus Eggeteria was born in 2012, in Kothrud, Pune. This brainchild of Savita was a treat for every foodie to explore eggs in different forms, styles, and with varied combinations. With tremendous response and brilliant growth options, Eggeteria got shifted to Eon IT Park Kharadi, Pune. Today, it runs popularly in the IT campus serving and feeding its customers happily from morning till evening.